About Us

Bina Fenn, MD

Since 2010  I have been the sole proprietor and solo pediatrician of County Pediatrics in Yorktown, VA, which became County Pediatrics, PLLC  in December 2011. I started my practice because I felt called to emphasize relationship and continuity in pediatrics. I love watching children grow from helpless infants to vibrant young people. I believe every child can learn and grow. They are amazing as are the people that love and support them.

  • Board Certified in Pediatrics

  • More than 25 years as a practicing pediatrician in New York and Virginia

  • Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1999


Dena Mintz, DNP, FNP


 Dena is our newest member, who has helped  open our practice to new patients. You may have already met her and appreciate her ready smile and welcoming manner. She's a highly experienced ER nurse and administrator who did her pediatric training with us so is familiar with our practice values . She has completed her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (Family Practice) and will be a much needed medical provider who will be available on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, as well as when Dr Fenn is out of town. She is looking forward to building relationships and helping children learn and grow.


Susie Calapodas

Susie greets everyone with a smile and an encouraging demeanor. She manages the office schedule, takes updates of addresses, phone numbers, emails, and insurance. She handles our busy phones and promptly catches me between patients to give me your messages. She is the front desk and office,  manager. She reminds everyone to "Bring your insurance card to every visit" 


Stephanie Davenport, LPN

Our nurse who handles triage, immunizations, medical questions when I am busy and office decor, Stephanie joined our team in 2015 and she is venjoys interacting with patients and parents. As a mother herself she also is a fund of parental knowledge and helpful hints.


Cindy Hogan 

Cindy has been with us from the beginning, switching hats from front desk to billing, and has always been an indispensable part of our team. She also handles prior authorizations and referrals. She is our billing manager and keeps me on track with correspondane.