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COVID-19 Resources:

Sorry I haven't, checked in, for those who check the website. 

We are open, with some changes during the COVID-19 pandemic as we want to be available to the County Pediatrics family and keep everyone safe; 

1. We have removed all the toys for now to prevent fomite spread of COVID-19

2. We continue to clean rooms after every visit, will do so in a  more detailed manner now.

3. We offer telemedicine visits to established patients, especially for rashes and medication refills.

4. We are adjusting the schedule so we see   - ---only healthy patients , one at a time, in the morning, and asking that only 2 adults be with each child and only the child to be seen is in the office. 

---after 1pm we will see sick patients, 

Please stay in your car and call when you are ready and staff will bring you straight in.

We are trying to limit everyone's exposure but still be available.

Praying for all of you and your families that you remain healthy and at peace.

We're looking forward to as soon as we can


Make sure to schedule healthy visits and physicals as soon as possible as due to COVID19  we can fit only a few patients each day
Please use the CDC website for the most up to date news about COVID19
Will be adding some resources that we hope will be helpful as we deal with this situation one day at a time, with God's Grace.
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